Missing NC Man Hitchhiked from NH to McDowell NC

A 72 year old NC man who went missing on July 25 from Hawthorne Village in Rumney NH was found in the small town of McDowell NC on Saturday, Aug. 11. Hugh Armstrong age 72 of Clayton, NC told the McDowell Sheriff’s Department he woke up in a ravine in NH and did not know where he was, but NC seemed familiar and he walked and hitchhiked to NC.
McDowell Sherriff’s Department found Armstrong walking along RT 70 with a pillowcase, and no ID. It was evident Armstrong had amnesia. The officer looked inside of Armstrong’s wedding ring and saw the initials HWA that he ran through a nationwide crime database for missing individuals.Officers found a match with Hugh Armstrong’s picture. Armstrong was reunited with his wife and daughter on Saturday. See Related Story.

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