Thieves Steal 2 Trucks and 4 Wheeler

Using a stolen truck from an ex-police officer in Windsor VT, thieves stole a four-wheeler from a Newport resident on Croydon Brook Rd, and abandoned the stolen truck. While Newport police were seeking the individuals in the woods the thieves went on to steal a 1997 Chevy Pick-up from Donna Lambert, a Croydon Resident also living on Croydon Brook Road. The incident happened at approximately 2:15 am on Thursday. There is no recovery of either the four-wheeler or Lambert’s truck.

In recent weeks there has been several children’s four wheelers stolen in Newport, with no arrests.
Newport police officers were not available for comment on Saturday.

Croydon Chief of Police – Richard Lee said it is difficult to find stolen four wheelers since they are used only on trails and the NH Fish and Game Department has less than 30 officers that patrol the trails. He also noted that tracking down people selling stolen four wheelers is difficult since there are so many listed on Craig’s list.

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