Vetoes from Governor Lynch on Voter ID Bill and Medical Marijuanna

Governor Lynch vetoed SB 289 known as the Voter ID Bill, because changes adopted by the legislature required a more restrictive list of valid photo identification used in municipal, state or federal elections, beginning Sept. 1, 2013.
Lynch said valid student identifications and other photo IDs now accepted by election officials could not be used to obtain a ballot on Election Day.

The Governor also vetoed SB 409 Medical Marijuana Bill stating law enforcement has serious concerns with preventing the unauthorized use of marijuana since SB 409 requires cultivation locations be registered with NH Department of Health and Human Services and restricts the identification of cultivation locations to law enforcement.

Lynch also took his veto pen to SB 356, which calls for delegates attending a called federal convention to consider a balanced budget amendment to promise that they would stick to the one issue or face criminal penalties. Lynch expressed concern about a provision that would subject violators of the bill to criminal penalties.

The Governor also vetoed HB 1607, which provides tax credits for businesses that contribute to organizations awarding scholarships for private school and home-schooled students. This bill is almost identical to bill SB 372, which Lynch vetoed on Monday.

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