Lynch Gives Reason for Veto of Salinger Inspired Bill

In a press release issued on Wednesday, Governor Lynch gave a brief history of SB 175 that would prohibit the commercial use of a deceased person’s image without his or her’s family consent and then gave the following statement for his veto.
“While I understand that the sponsors of the legislation intended to codify the rights to control the commercial use of one’s identity that has already been recognized in New Hampshire common law, SB 175 appears to go beyond the established common law and establishes the right to control the use of identity retroactively for 70 years after death. Such a result may lead to uncertainty, not finality. New Hampshire common law has not recognized a posthumous or retroactive right to transfer control of one’s identity to their heirs, and in this manner, I believe the bill goes beyond its stated purpose.
“For all of these reasons, I have vetoed SB 175.”
On June 27, the state’s legislature votes on whether or not to override the governor’s veto. It will take a two-thirds majority in both the 24-member Senate and 400-member House to overturn it.

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