NH House Votes Down Educational Funding Amendment

Governor John Lynch released the following statement after the House failed to pass the education funding constitutional amendment on June 6. The Speaker of the House, the Senate President and the Governor all supported the amendment:

“CACR 12 was the product of months of hard work to achieve an amendment that would strengthen our system of education in New Hampshire and allow us to put in place the best possible education policy for our kids. This amendment met the goals I set, which include affirming the state’s responsibility for education, allowing us to effectively target aid to the communities and children who need it the most, and maintaining judicial review of public education decisions by the legislature.

“I am very disappointed the House failed to pass this amendment.

“To make progress on an important public policy issue such as this, all sides must work together, and that can only happen if an element of trust exists. Clearly, there is a fundamental divide among House members on this issue, not only between the two parties, but also within the Republican caucus. Cooperation and trust are fundamental to building the coalitions needed to pass an amendment such as this one. Unfortunately, those essential qualities were missing from today’s debate.”

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