Park Street School Revisited in Springfield VT

Park Street School. Photo by Kelly Stettner

Park Street Reuse a grass roots organization is inviting graduates of Park Street School Springfield VT and members of the public for a tour on Alumni Day, June 16 at 2:00 pm. The organization helps to stir interest in the school that voters chose to close in 2010. The building now houses Springfield School District administrative offices and some special education programs.

On March 16, the Springfield School Board formed a committee to explore the district’s best course of action for brick the building. George T. McNaughton, one of the committee members left, since the committee felt members should not be doing public advocacy. McNaughton created a Facebook page Park Street Reuse and has 112 members interested in preserving the school.
Group members took a recent tour of the school and one member Kelly Stettner said, “Amidst the hushed exclamations of wow! And look at THIS, ideas bubbled to the surface and bounced around us as we moved from room to room.” Stettner stated some ideas for the building, ranging from a performing arts center a la Fame with a bandstand, retail shops, restaurants, or municipal office space. Stettner stressed, “Whatever is done with Park Street School, it must not be allowed to slip into oblivion as just another cold storage shell in Springfield a haven for vandals.”

Park Street Reuse is also collecting memorabilia about Park Street School. To learn more about the organization, the tour or the efforts to save the building visit Park Street Reuse on Facebook.

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