Newport to Graduate 31 State Scholars

Newport High School has 31 State Scholars graduating on Thursday, June 14. The students will wear Medallions to signify their acceptance and completion of the rigorous curriculum throughout their studies at Newport High School.

Stephanie Ayotte,Justin Beauchaine, Amada Bolduc, Cole Boone,Timothy Brown, Heather Butcher, Dalton Campbell, Kanesha Campbell, Megan Carpenter, Brianna DeFilippis, Alexis Demis, Morgan Early, Rachel Facto, Kaitlynn Fish, Kaclyn Goddette, Jaclynn Godette, Sarah Huff, Tides Krejci, Sydney Lorandeau, Danielle MacConnell, Brett Pare, Jazzmine Perez, Brittany Pitkin, Dylan Redfield, Vanessa Richardson, Elyse Rubchinuk, Matthew Sherwood, Zebulon Swenson, Megan Warnick, Angelique Watts and Morgan Wilson met with Motivational Speaker Rob Peck, Governor Lynch, Commissioner Virginia Barry, SNHU President LeBlanc, and other NH Scholars from the statewide class of 2012.

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