Sunapee Fireworks Ordinance Passes Goes in Effect June 15

In a 3-1, vote Sunapee Selectboard members, Frederick Gallup-Chair, Joshua Trow, and Suzanne Gottling voted on a revised Fireworks Ordinance which goes into effect on June 15. Shane Hastings voted no stating, “It’s a good ordinance, I just don’t want it.”

The revised and final ordinance allows three permits a year per taxable lot and costs $20.00 for each Class C permit. Setting off Fireworks is between the hours of 5-10 pm.

Scott Blewitt, Sunapee resident questioned the 10 pm time, “Last year the town’s fireworks started at 9:45 and I’d hate to see the town break their own law.” Chairman Fredrick Gallup replied, “Then start them at 9:35.”

The revised ordinance added an allowance for residents to have fireworks without a permit on New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day Weekend and Christmas.

The new ordinance will be posted on the Town of Sunapee’s web site at 

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