Lebanon Flushing Water Mains

The City of Lebanon is flushing water mains (weather permitting) through hydrants to maintain water quality in the distribution system beginning Tuesday, May 29 between the hours of 7AM to 3PM. Residents and businesses in the general area of the following streets should check their water before using. If the water is, discolored or dirty, let the cold-water taps run for a few minutes and the water should clear up.

Heater Road, Foch Avenue, Bassy St, Bixby St., Little Heater Rd, Evans Dr., Old Etna Rd, High St, Pershing St, Edwards St, North Labombard Rd, Dartmouth Ave, Hanover St, Granite St, Hough St,Light St. Guyer St. Young St. Winter St. Summer St. Fairview Ave. Placid Sq. West St., Labombard Rd. Mt. Support Rd. Memorial Drive

If anyone has concerns or questions regarding this work, please contact the Public Works Office at (603) 448-3112

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