Newbury Meets with Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Planning Executive Director

Christine Walker, Executive Director of the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Planning Commission met with the Newbury Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator Dennis Pavlicek and various members of Newbury’s Zoning, Planning Boards, and Conservation Committee.

Walker gave a presentation on changing housing needs in the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Area. She also touched on how towns can prepare and plan for the housing needs of the future. “People aren’t having as many children as in the past and by 2030 48 percent of NH households will be 65 years old and older.” Walker noted the trend was in every state, and not unique to NH. Towns may want to plan for elderly housing, or one level living homes.

Walker said the UVLSPC plans on going over towns Master Plans and then comparing them to the town’s policies, to see if they agree. If a Master plan calls for an urban setting, but town policies only allow 10-acre lots then you have a problem.

The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Planning Commission has completed their Housing Needs Assessment and they are ready to move into the next phase of their plan, to visit local area events to speak with residents on what their visions are for their towns. “Regular meeting just don’t work,” Walker commented.

To download a copy of the UVLSPC Housing Assessment Report, or for more information visit their web site at:

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