Attorney Generals Perambulate Vermont and NH Borders

Attorneys General Delaney and Sorrell Will Meet on the Norwich/Hanover Bridge on May 14th for the Eleventh Perambulation of the NH/VT Boundary

Under both New Hampshire and Vermont law, the Attorneys General are required to meet and “perambulate” the border between their states once every seven years to assure all markers and monuments of the boundary between the states are properly renewed and maintained. The perambulation laws passed by both states in 1935, ending 18 years of litigation between the states over where the boundary line should be located.

In 1917 a border dispute arose when New Hampshire officials try to tax a paper mill located partially in the riverbed of the Connecticut River next to Bellows Falls, VT. At the time, Vermont claimed its border extended to the centerline of the river. Some eighteen years later, the dispute was resolved when a Special Master appointed by the United States Supreme Court ruled the boundary was the low-water mark on the Vermont side of the river. Both states passed laws at once, to insure the boundary monuments be positioned and maintained in perpetuity. This year marks the 11th time that the states have perambulated the border.

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